First of all, I don’t pretend to be someone or something I’m not… I’m a one man shop – it’s just me. I’m not a creative collective – though I do collaborate with other designers, and I’m not a design agency, though I do sub-contract out all types of work, including development, programming, and some SEO. While I do all types of creative media, my main focus though is Atlanta Web Design.

Basically, I am a problem solver – I’ve been a designer now for over 15 years, and I’ve tackled some big projects. But size and scope doesn’t matter to me – what really drives me is solving problems for my clients. So, how do I solve problems? I listen. I listen to your ideas, your business model, your thoughts – whatever it is you want to throw at me. And I take that information, I process it and then I get creative.

For many years I was based out of my home office just outside Atlanta, Georgia, but also occasionally worked on location for agencies not just in Atlanta but also New York and California. Currently, I am living on the road – sometimes in California and sometimes in Georgia… and waging creative war from both coast.

I am also a writer, musician, painter, chef, dog-walker, historian, wine-taster, adventurer, avid hiker, beach bum, and world traveler. If you need to know more than that, simply email me: