New York City church website launched

After months of working on the Christ Church UMC website I’m happy to have it launched and all of the kinks worked out! You can check out the website here:

christchurchChrist Church is a United Methodist Church based in New York City and was in desperate need of a new website: one that was more modern and professional, mobile responsive, easier to update, and more simple to use on the front end. So, I spent time getting to know the church and then designing an interface that is not only clean and modern, but kept with the sophisticated nature of this Manhattan based congregation.

The new website is responsive as well, working great across all platforms. The new site also features an Event area where church members can sign up for events, register, and even pay for certain events that cost money. This is all updated and managed on the WordPress platform by the church staff.

If you’re in need of a church website redesign, contact me today to get a quote. I offer website solutions for all sized churches with all types of design needs. Whether you’re the mega church in need of a massive web presence with all the bells and whistles or the church plant with a super tight budget, I’m here to walk you through the process and help you create the church website that works for you! So, give me a call today: 678-549-0718.

Florida Web Design

For the next 3 months I will be “living” in Florida, working from down here in the Clearwater area, and therefore working as a Florida web design specialist for the next few months. I am in the Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete area quite a bit – usually at least 2-3 times a year working from here and have developed a relationship with several businesses and companies in the Tampa Bay area.

Big Concepts Responsive Website

Helping companies like Big Concepts create a new brand identity, responsive website, and other print and marketing collateral.

So, this year I decided to become the youngest “snow-bird” in the area and come down and work as a Tampa Bay Web designer for a spell.

Honestly though, it doesn’t matter if you’re located in Florida, Atlanta, New York, or California, I can work with your business from anywhere to help you develop a cutting-edge, responsive, professional website or a new brand identity, including logo work, or print and marketing collateral. So, give me a call today at 678-549-0718.

Whether I’m at home in Gainesville, Georgia, working as a Gainesville Web Design specialist or spending the winter in Clearwater, Florida working as a Florida web design specialist, I can help you achieve the same website results wherever you’re located. Let’s get started!


Gainesville Web Design in my hometown of Gainesville, Georgia

Although I live on the road currently, I am in the southeast the most. And it’s always nice to go back to your hometown and do work for friends, businesses you’ve worked with in the past, or even new companies as a Gainesville Web Design Specialist! There is a sense of nostalgia with working in an environment where it all started, and for me that’s Gainesville, Georgia.

I began working in Gainesville over 20 years ago, getting my first job at JC Penney, ultimately moving to Chick-Fil-A for a few years and then getting a break by working at WDUN and Magic 102.9 in their Web department as part of a team to build the very first iteration of ( I was really just a kid, still in college, but the experience was invaluable.

After I was hired/helped start the now hugely successful Red Clay Interactive, in Gainesville originally but now based in Buford, GA. I started as a designer, moved to Senior Designer and ended up as Creative Manager/Art Director before moving on to freelance work and a chance to pursue my music even further.


And even now, I return often to Gainesville to work with clients both new and old as a Gainesville Web Designer, and it brings back so many memories for me. My client list in Gainesville doing Gainesville Web Design is long and includes clients such as Conditioned Air Systems, The Fudgery, Ted’s Pro Music, Westminster Church, Atlanta Highway Seafood Market, Answered by Geeks, Chestatee Brokers, Gainesville Theatre Alliance, HDRC, The Pursuit of Travel, and Water & Word. Currently I am looking for more Gainesville Web Design work, so if you’re a Gainesville, North Georgia, or Hall County area business or company give me a call today to get started on your next project: (678) 549-0718

I’ve helped other companies succeed in North Georgia as a graphic designer, Website developer and logo creator and I can help yours! Contact me today to get started and let me help take your business to the next level!

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

With the rise of the mobile phone, data usage, tablets and iPads, and the fact that in some instances mobile website usage is at nearly 50% there has never been a more important time for a responsive web design… Essentially a website that is compatible for computer screen, tablet display and mobile viewing.

Responsive web design is simply designing websites with a wide variety (universal) of displays in mind. From scrolling, interactivity, usability to design and layout, a responsive site is one that adjust seamlessly to all viewing devices. According to Smart Insights in 2015 mobile usage on the Web is overall higher than desktop computers for the first time ever at 51% compared to desktop usage at 42% – with that in mind, how important is it to you, as a business owner that potentially over half of your audience is viewing your website at a less than optimal display.

Responsive web designFor the last 2-3 years, businesses have been coming to us, not just from around the Atlanta area but from all over the US looking to update their websites from an old, antiquated, mobile-challenged site to a modern, clean and professional, state of the art, responsive web site. Many of these business owners, marketing directors, or digital analyst didn’t even understand the importance or impact of a responsive site at first, but by the time we launched their new Web presence and they begin to see the impact on their usage, site visitors, and conversions for contact, new business, sales etc. they became firm believers in the importance of having and promoting a responsive website.

Not only does a responsive website make a difference to users, but it’s now impacting your search engine ranking as well. Earlier this year Google announced that it would be changing it’s algorithms to “seriously” take into account how compatible a Website was with mobile viewing and presentation standards. And then to compound things even further, they clarified that this would not include simply possessing or redirecting to a separate mobile website. The emphasis by Google (and other search engines) is now placed on the presence of responsive web design and how clean and efficient that responsive website is to visitors.

All of that being said, there has never been a more significant time to consider the possibility of revamping your Web presence and taking your website to the next level with a fresh, new responsive website. So, give us a call today to get started at (678) 549-0718. We’ve helped dozens of others businesses and companies transition from outdated to successful in their online marketing, and we can do the same for you! Let’s get started on that new, responsive web design today.

Web Design… From where I stand as an Atlanta Web Designer

So, I constantly get asked: “Where are you living these days?” … or … “Where is your business located?”


The short answer is: “From where I stand” – I suppose I have a residence in a few different spots (Georgia, Florida, California), but I pretty much live where my RV is parked at the moment, or where I’m currently staying… it was Texas last week, I’m in Georgia this week, and I begin a month long stay in Nashville next week.

Church website design for a NYC based church

Church website design


So, how do I work with clients in New York if I am in Georgia, or how do I build a website for a church in California if I’m in Texas, or how am I supposed to create a new brand for a Florida based non-profit if I’m in Nashville? It’s simple… I’ve perfected a way to get to know my clients without personally sitting beside them. It begins with trust. I do have quite a long list of client testimonials to start with that praise my work, my ethic, my talent, etc. But I strive to develop that trust with each design client that comes along. As we begin a working relationship, I endeavor to keep communication open, to truly learn who they are, and to reach out and meet each and every need – sometimes before they even realize they have it.

So, it’s become standard for me to be working on Florida web design as an Atlanta Web Designer or Nashville Web design as a San Francisco Web Designer. Distance is a non-factor for me. So, where is your growing business located? Are you in New York City? Or maybe you’re in Tacoma, Washington? Give me a ring, and let’s talk about how I can help with your web design project.


Here is just a small sample of the work that I’ve been engaged in lately (From the road). A church website design for a church in New York City, working through that from Austin, Texas. A medical website design for an auto-injector company based in New Jersey, working on that from New Orleans a few weeks ago, then Texas, then Alabama. Or maybe the new responsive website design and brand for SAP Solutions company based in Atlanta… yeah, you guessed it: I’ll be doing their development the next few weeks from Nashville, TN. So, it doesn’t matter where you are or where I am, I’m here to be your freelance web designer and web specialist. Give me a call today and let’s chat about your online needs: 678-549-0718

WordPress website launched!

I’ve been so busy the last few months with new projects that I’ve fallen behind in posting what’s new, updates on projects, and announcements on new clients, website launches, and more! It’s been a few months since I launched the new Duggan & Massey website (, but I’m happy to announce it – better late than never!

Wordpress site Duggan & Massey

Most of my projects now we do in WordPress, and as an Atlanta WordPress developer I’m proud of some of the creative work that we put on the WordPress platform. Duggan & Massey, an accounting/CPA firm in Atlanta has been a client of mine for over 10 years, so when I told them it was time for an upgrade, they jumped on board willingly.

The new WordPress site is not only mobile responsive, but WordPress serves as a CMS system (Content management) for them to update their news and events, team members, etc. The new site also features a revamped services area with new visual icons for various services. So, not only did Duggan & Massey receive a website upgrade, they’ve got a new responsive, WordPress, CMS driven website. And so far they’ve been nothing but happy with the results!

Atlanta WordPress Development

If you’re looking for an Atlanta WordPress developer or WordPress design or development, hit me up about my design and development services. I’ve created and built dozens of mobile friendly-responsive, WordPress sites for clients all over the US, and I can do the same for you. Let your website work for you – why hire a full time sales person, when your WordPress site can work as a full time salesman! Give me a call today to discuss your project: 678-549-0718

Atlanta WordPress Development

WordPress seems to be the new thing when it comes to what people are looking for. I’ve been building WordPress sites 4 or 5 years now, and what I’m doing that seems to be a bit abnormal, is I am developing everything from scratch.


Boxknife Creative is an Atlanta Web Design firm that I’m happy to collaborate with from time to time, and I am designing, building and developing their new WordPress website from the ground up. As an Atlanta WordPress Developer, I build WordPress sites with themes from scratch almost on a monthly basis. For Boxknife, we wanted something super clean and modern feeling, yet warm and welcoming – embracing their red.

From there we wanted to showcase some of their work, but even more so spotlight their process and facility. So, I designed a look and feel that they loved, then took that Atlanta WordPress theme and implemented it into WordPress, using the WordPress framework as a CMS for Boxknife.

So, we’re finally wrapping up the Boxknife WordPress project, and I’m pretty happy with the way that things have turned out. For more info, keep coming back to my site and check out updates on Boxknife Creative and other projects. Or if you’re in need of an Atlanta WordPress Developer give me a call today and let me help you get started with your WordPress project!

18 Years of Atlanta Web Development

It’s hard to believe that 2015 marks 18 years of Atlanta Web Development for me. It was 1997, I was still in college studying graphic design and marketing, and I discovered my first Internet work. I was living just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Gainesville, and began working with a buddy doing web design and development from my bedroom. Who knew that 18 years later I’d still be going strong, with clients in dozens of states, several countries, freelance, contract and more!

The Internet has come a long way since 1997, and I’ve learned much along the way myself. I think one of the keys to my longevity in the Atlanta web development market has been my ability to adapt and to learn new technologies as they come along. Back in 1997 I was worried about Microsoft Frontpage and learning to use tables in html, and now I’m exploring things such as responsiveness, evolving usability standards, and tools such as WordPress. People were hardly using cell phones – who was to know that 18 years later we’d be designing websites with cell phone use in mind!

And yet, here we are! 2015 is here, and I couldn’t be more excited. I am stoked to see where this year takes us technologically and in the design world, especially for the web. And as a seasoned Atlanta web development consultant I am here to help you and your business take that next step or get caught up! Give me a call today: 678-549-0718.

Working with a freelance designer vs. an Atlanta web design company

I get asked from time to time: What are the pros and cons of using a freelance designer versus working with a design firm or Atlanta web design company? And then inevitably, the question follows: Well, what makes you different than other freelancers?

First of all, I think my work speaks for itself. An overused phrase, yet one that I keep coming back to, is You get what you pay for! However, it doesn’t have to be this way. I firmly believe that I can give you way more than you pay for.

While working with a company or firm gives you seemingly more security, a greater level of professionalism, a larger number of eyes on your project, etc. those same things can be negatives, and in the end you may get the same product and pay 2, 3 or even 4x the amount of money. Believe me, know one knows the industry like an Atlanta web designer who has worked every angle of the industry. I was a creative director at a design firm for several years before venturing out on my own. And before that I was a senior designer at several different Atlanta web design companies. I know that many times what you pay for is not necessarily experience, but it’s overhead: building rent, extra bodies, janitorial supplies, large electric bills, etc. With me, you pay for actual work. Hard work. Creative work. And you get a product that’s not padded by extra salary for an Atlanta web design company President or overly salaried Creative Director. You pay for results and that’s what you get.

When it comes to working with freelancers though, you have to be careful. If you Google “Atlanta freelance web designer” you’ll get a myriad of results featuring so-called designers, whose portfolios are chalk full of websites that look like they were done in Frontpage 15-20 years ago. In that case, once again You get what you pay for!

Having worked in several design firms, and since then having done contract work for various agencies across the US, some of those being the top design and marketing firms in the country, I know what it takes to take your company, your brand, your website, and you to the next level! Don’t settle for something just because the price seems right. I offer professional, top of the line Atlanta web design and branding work for a fraction of the costs of what you’d pay a large Atlanta web  design company. And yet, by working with me, you’ll get the results of agency, by having a creative professional come along side you and put in the time and creative talent to take your company or business to the next level.

So, give me a call today to talk about your Atlanta web design or branding project: (678) 549-0718. Why wait? 

Launching a new church website

Two days ago, on Christmas Eve, we finally launched the new BLDG 28 Church website: – a church website that really mirrors the community and culture at this Clearwater, Florida based young, hip church.

The old website (which I did 5-6 years ago) worked for that time, but was sorely outdated and had been in need of a refresh for a while. So, I took the new brand/image, and really ran with a new church website, doing more than refreshing it, but really constructing it from the ground up. The new website offers many things the original website didn’t offer, including online giving, a newsletter signup and section, online sermons by sermon series, and more. In addition to the new items, we totally revamped some of the older functionality, including a new and improved “events” section with the ability to sort events by 5 different ways. Also, we redesigned and built a new and improved “Pastor’s Blog” that is easy to use and easy to read.

In addition to all the technical improvements, I also created a new church user experience that is simple, straightforward, and extremely modern and relevant. As an Atlanta Church web designer, I am familiar with the little things that it takes to take a church website to the next level. The new design echoes the culture at BLDG 28 Church, a young and hip feeling but one that promotes a strong loyalty to truth and tradition in the good ways.

The BLDG 28 Church website 2.0 also features a responsive design and build, where the site readjust to whatever screen it’s viewed on, whether that be laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  So, check out the new BLDG 28 Church website here: and let me know what you think! I am always available for church website design work, so give me a call today and let’s get started!