A Complete Brand Campaign for a Financial Startup

Diamond Financial Group came to me in need of a complete brand overhaul. Not only was their current identity outdated, but their message had become diluted because of years of inconsistent branding, an old message, and a logo and identity that was outdated. Within two months, I had created a new brand image for Diamond by developing an identity based off a new logo mark, print collateral to accompany, and a new interactive, corporate website to tie it all together.

The Challenge

British financial company Diamond came to me in desperate need of a new and revitalized brand image, a corporate and user login website design, and various print collateral. I was super stoked that Diamond would work with me – a freelance web designer based in Atlanta, United States. Diamond manages financial accounts for thousands of people, and I was honored that they would have me manage their brand.

The Answer

I basically started from scratch with the Diamond brand – the client had been so afraid to use an actual diamond image as part of their brand, that that was the first thing I went for – and it stuck. From there I developed an intense style guide and UI guidelines. I designed and laid out the image for their new corporate website as well as their client user site. And then finished off the project with a series of print collateral including brochures, marketing booklets, company printing, and more…

The Results

The results have already been dramatic. The attention that Diamond has gotten from other investment firms has been interesting along with a rise in clients and account sign-ups. Diamond Financial has been so pleased with their new brand that they’ve signed me on to manage their brand on a continual basis as well as work on some various other company items.