Normally done as part of a larger branding/identity project, occasionally Nate will take on a singular logo design project by itself. Designing and creating a logo is far more than simply coming up with some “marks” and making a typeface work with it. It’s truly defining and figuring out what works best for you, the client.

Realizing at the heart of your brand, and even  your website lies your logo – that recognizable mark or image that is your company or business is important. Nathan takes a long list of things including a competitive analysis, a needs assessment, a client and customer survey, and more and then turns those things into several viable options, presenting multiple comps to you for your opinion and feedback.

One thing to keep in mind is your Atlanta logo design must work well on your Atlanta Web site and within that design. Whether that screen is tiny (smart phone), medium sized (tablet), or larger (computer, laptop, or even TV), but also that image must translate well to print, packaging, promotion – all large and small.

Nathan takes everything into account when figuring things out like brand mark vs. type face, color palette, slogans and tag lines, and more! So, give him a call today at (678) 549-0718 to get started on your logo design now!

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