It’s no coincidence that Nate started out as a graphic designer in the print and packaging design area back in the late 90’s. Even before the rise of the Internet, Nate was laying a foundation of how branding would work by designing brands: mainly in the print arena. Now, as an Atlanta designer specializing in Atlanta print design and packaging design, Nate still undertakes these types of projects for companies, businesses, churches, and other organizations – helping to develop a brand by focusing on their print design (i.e. magazine ads, flyers, posters, trade show displays, hand outs, etc.) and packaging design (product boxes, packages, envelopes, letterhead, etc.). By bringing it all together, Nate assists you the client in creating a cohesive brand image across all media.

By creating a consistent and cohesive brand image, you put your best foot forward and convey a professional marketing message to your clients that you are serious about your business. And no one is as good at helping you create that marketing message as Atlanta print designer, Nathan Currin. So, give Nate a call today to talk about your print and packaging design needs at (678) 549-0718.


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