With the rise of social media in recent years, businesses initially tended to dismiss it as something for the kids. Nothing could be further from the truth though. Recent statistics show that up to 25% of Twitter users are over 35 and that number is even higher for Facebook. With the hundreds of thousands of people using these social media websites, think of all the business that you are potentially missing out on.

The first thing many people look to do when visiting a new place is tag themselves or their photos on a company or businesses’ Facebook, Instagram, or FourSquare. If people have a complaint or a compliment they tend to tag the company, organization or business on Twitter. But this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as social media goes. With Twitter for Business, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Professional, there is more opportunity than ever to also advertise and promote your business on Social Media.

As an Atlanta web designer, one of the things that Nate specializes in is social media. How to set it up, integrate your brand, promote through it, advertise on it, and ultimately gain you new business and long-standing clients. If you’re in the Atlanta area, and want a local Atlanta social media expert, Nathan is the person to call. Nathan can help you take your brand and make your Facebook and Twitter pages match your website, link them up to your site, and then assist you in maximizing your social media outlets.

Nathan has experience designing for, working with, and advertising through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, PureVolume, Google Plus, and many other social media outlets. So, give Nathan a call today at (678) 549-0718 to help with your social media project or your entire brand, including your Atlanta website design.

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