Custom Branding and Web Design for a California Brewery

Wolf Mountain Brewery was in desperate need of a new website, updated print work including their menu and marketing materials, so they came to me for a change. For a brewery and restaurant that I was familiar with, it was nice to take on their project and help their brand image and marketing catch up with their attitude, style and quality of food, beer and life.

The Challenge

Wolf Mountain Brewery is a northern California based brewery, vineyard, restaurant and lodge, including a few cabins – almost resort like. It’s a beautiful place with amazing, 4 star cuisine; stellar red wine they make with grapes from their vineyard; carefully crafted beer; and breathtaking landscape, however their brand image was lacking. Their logo was something created in the late 80’s and their website hadn’t been updated in almost a decade. So, they called this Atlanta web designer to come in, learn their overall ideal and then update their brand to match.

The Answer

I started by visiting and spending some time at Wolf Mountain Brewery. I tasted the food, the beer, the wine, the mountains and more! What I found was an amazing experience, something far superior to their current logo and brand image. So, I started by sketching an actual wolf – a mark that subsequently turned into their brand image – as seen to the right. From there I produced multiple marketing pieces and updated their menu to a piece that screamed quality food not half rate mountain diner. I also completely re-designed and built them a new responsive, CMS driven website from scratch, that not only highlights the food and beverage aspect of Wolf Mountain, but also invites people to truly indulge in the “resort” aspect by trying out the lodge!

The Results

Wolf Mountain has consistently raved about the results, and have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors, website users, wine customers and more. They’ve more than doubled their bookings at the lodge, and the restaurant has filled up their reservations list almost every night. Now, Wolf Mountain Brewery has a logo, brand, website, menu, marketing materials, and more that they can truly be proud of!